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Managed Services

Managed Services

We offer VoipSwitch’s Class 5 softswitch platform, along with all its components, both for rent and outright purchase. We also offer the same options for our white label softphone family, Join VoIP, (for desktops and mobiles). Our expertise and infrastructure is always at your disposal for any issues relating to our products. This enables you to solely concentrate on your business operations without worrying about any problems cropping up in your systems.

Hosted dedicated system

You can host our software on your servers or on servers present in one of our European or US data centers. Should you choose to host the software on one of our servers, you will still be able to have complete access to all parts of the system and with the assurance that we will provide dedicated servers.

For our dedicated systems, you may choose to rent the software, and any additional modules, in lieu of owning it. This reduces your initial investment and allows you to direct your capital to other parts of your business. For our mobile and desktop offerings, you may choose between the white label version and the Join Express (branded shared) dialer version.

Managed Partition

We provide support for the softswitch platform and all other addition services, which include VoIP (residential and mobile), PBX hosted solutions Unified Communication, Calling cards and callshops. You can manage all of the services via an admin interface (web based). To this end, we will provide you a partition in our Cloud.

The partition that we provide is isolated and you will be able to interconnect all of your carriers, link up with DID providers, and, for online topups, use and manage your preferred payment system(s). Along with all of this, you can be sure that the platform is secure and that we will provide High Availability.

Fully Managed VoIP Setup (A la carte model)

Our management services include a support system, which is open twenty four hours a day, to carriers throughout the year. Our support system includes experts not only for problems in maintenance, but also for day-to-day network activities and administrative tasks. We provide services ranging from testing with new vendors and carriers to to supplying the route of least cost.

In addition to all of these, we also perform regular maintenance checks make available all-encompassing reports on business operations and the status of statestystem. To maximize the availability of the platform, our fully managed service includes, additionally, actively monitoring all notifications and alerts, all network elements, and adherence to emergency procedures.

Our team of experts will provide you with any assistance during both deployment and afterward, when you have to setup your system as per your clientele profile. Our solution architect will also help you to interconnect with your prevalent network and define a plan to rollout your service.




Managed Services