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 SIP Trunk Channels:4
 No of Extensions / User:20
 DID Number:1
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Add SIP Trunk Channels

Add up to 4 SIP Trunks Channels.

  • SIP Trunk Channel ฿10.00

Add DID Numbers

Cost includes both One Time Charge and Monthly Charge.

Special Discount applies according to the quantity you choose, check your cart for discounted total amount.

E.g. For 2 DIDs, the OTC will be $20 and MRC $12.00. For 7 DIDs, the OTC will be $15 and the MRC $10 and so on.

  • Additional DID Numbers ฿32.00

DID Charges

 Quantity1 to 4​5 to 9​>10​​
 One Time Charge (Activation) per DID $20 $15 $10
 Monthly Recurring Charge per DID $12 $10 $8

    Add Security Deposit

    Fully refundable at the end of contract after deduction of outstanding charges if any

    • Security Deposit 8SC (Fully Refundable at the end of contract) ( ฿2500 ) ฿2,500.00

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